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Ercan Isik

Years of experience
7+ years
I have been a professional driver for over 7 years, Previous to this, I was working as a security professional where I gained valuable skills in customer service which I use today as a chauffeur.
I have driven UHNWI such as celebrities, government officials and royalty. I decided to become a chauffeur for AZluxe in 2021. With over 7 years’ experience in professional driving, you are in safe hands with me. Although I am new to AZluxe, I am a well-respected part of the team and am always reliable, on time and professional.

Gary Haltham

Years of experience
25+ Years
I have been in the chauffeur industry for a long time, primarily working at a high level for hnwi within retail, media, hospitality and corporate financial sectors. I have always carried out the requirements of the client to a professional level and have often found they appreciate your commitment. I am generally of a calm friendly personality and always try to bring that over to any client. I am pleased to have joined a very friendly professional team at AZ Lux with high end clientele and top of the range vehicles. I look forward to the future helping AZ Lux provide at top class service.

AZ Luxe Chauffeurs

Here at AZL we offer in house training and will have our chauffeurs give you a one-on-one should you get through the final stages of joining our team.

To apply for a chauffeur position, please send in your CV to info@azluxe.co.uk

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You can expect from AZ Luxe’s chauffeurs

  • They will always arrive 15 mins earlier then the agreed pick up time.
  • They will always keep the track of any flight status.
  • They will always keep their ID’s with them.
  • They will always meet and greet clients at the airport arrivals, holding an iPad with the guests name and your company logo.
  • They will always open doors for clients, ladies first of course.
  • They will always assist the clients with their luggage.
  • They will always advise the client of the estimated journey time.
  • They will always ascertain the clients music requirements in the vehicle as well as the climate temperature.
  • They will always drive in a safe and careful manner.
  • They will always be smartly presented wearing either a black, navy or grey suit, white shirt with black/navy blue tie with black polished shoes.
  • They will always be well groomed and neatly presented in clean and well fitted uniforms.

Executive Car Hire Chauffeuring

We are in a unique position as one of the few London chauffeur companies to own our fleet outright. This means that our standards are set by our team, knowing full well that any feedback we receive can be directly applied instantly. It also means we can offer a more personalised chauffeur service. Our vehicles aren’t just available for chauffeur services either.