Here at AZ Luxe, our aim is to make your big day, as special and seamless as possible. With our most popular car for weddings being the Rolls-Royce Phantom, we will ensure that you are completely at ease while we take care of ensuring your entrance and exit is a memorable one!

We like to be a little different to your average chauffeur company so it was only right we bought an Indigo Extended Wheel Base Rolls-Royce Phantom, and the only ones in the UK to do so, which means you will not get such a luxury elsewhere.

Although subtle, in sunlight the beaming indigo outshines your regular black and white common wedding colours, and photographs beautifully amongst white – as you can see we have chosen a light interior and had it especially commissioned for AZ Luxe and specified to our taste with the most comfortable theatre seats, raising foot rests, and a mini bar as well as champagne cooler, to calm any last minute nerves! Not to mention the star light roof which mesmerises not only in real life but makes for great pictures too.