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Rolls-Royce: History and Car Specs Of The Award-Winning Cars

Posted by Gemma on 02nd March 2020

Founded in 1904 by Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, the Rolls-Royce brand has a well-established history. Initially formed as a British luxury car brand, Rolls-Royce later specialised in the design and manufacturing of powerful aviation engines. The iconic brand has since changed ownership, including once being government-owned and later publicly sold, with Rolls-Royce Holdings Limited Plc being listed on the London Stock Exchange market, with a current estimated value in excess of £17 billion.


So, what do we know about the history of this iconic brand, and the luxury cars they produce?


Rolls Royce Logo 

The Rolls Royce logo is a combination of two Rs, which represent the founders’ initials. Currently created using a sophisticated black and silver colour palette, the earliest car models were issued with a red version of the logo. In 1934, this was changed to the existing design choice, as the red was considered to clash with the colour of some of their most iconic car models.


Rolls Royce Emblem

Referred to as the ‘spirit of ecstasy’, the emblem that sits on the bonnet of current Rolls Royce car models has become an iconic piece of British car history. A symbol of luxury cars, the world-renowned ornament features a woman leaning forwards with her arms gracefully extended behind her, and a cloth draped across them to resemble angel wings. Various versions of the emblem have been designed over the years, with the current ornament featuring a mechanism which enables it to retract into the bonnet of the car if pressure is applied to the ornament.


Rolls-Royce Phantom 

Launched in 2003, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a flagship Rolls-Royce car whose design epitomises elegance. Featuring handcrafted wood veneers and the finest leather interiors, even the plush lambswool floor mats are luxurious. The extended wheelhouse that distinguishes the EWB model from the existing range affords those who hire the Phantom the opportunity to fully appreciate its sophisticated spec in a more spacious environment than many other luxury cars.


Established as the quietest car model in the world, the Rolls-Royce Phantom features proprietary tyres, developed by Rolls Royce in conjunction with their dedicated tyre specialists. These unique tyres incorporate a layer of foam, and have been carefully designed to reduce background noise, so conversations and entertainment can be effortlessly enjoyed without any unwanted distractions.


The Phantom’s prominence has been recognised by BBC Top Gear Magazine, which awarded it with the prestigious accolade of Luxury Car of the Year just weeks after its release.  


Rolls-Royce Ghost

Much like the Phantom, the Rolls-Royce Ghost has also received a coveted award, having been named the best super-luxury car in the world by What Car? Magazine


Designed to incorporate all the sophistication of the Phantom into a more compact and agile model, the Ghost features a world-class entertainment system and individual temperature controls for optimum comfort. The latest technology can be enjoyed from within the near-silent passenger suite, which expertly combines the luxuries you’d expect from first-class travel, with classic features that add a sense of familiarity.  


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