Meet The Team

Abbass Zadeh, Managing Director

Having worked in the motor industry for 14 years, I have managed to work in different sectors from your standard everyday vehicle to the most prestigious and luxurious brands. Having always worked in the aftersales part of the industry, customer service has always been the number one point on my agenda and I always like to instil that into my team, to ensure we always over exceed the clients expectation. Having setup a chauffeur and hire business for a well known established brand, it was only common sense that I branched out and set up my own. I am delighted to not only offer luxury chauffeur drive and car hire services through AZ Luxe, but also delighted to provide private jet chartering amongst our tailored concierge services for our clients. I have no doubt that once you have used our services, you will be extremely satisfied, but also that you will not need to look elsewhere at any other company. We are the best in the business!

Bardha Krasniqi, Head of Operations

Having ventured into the automotive industry in early 2016, I came from delivering a high standard of customer service background which made me want to step into this market. Adapting with all different types of clients which touch base in this industry is my forte and tailoring a service which they need and to exceed their expectations is what I do best. I was excited to join AZL following my stint with a well known prestigious brand. Having helped set AZL up and witnessed its rapid growth I have been involved in making key decisions of this up and coming company. Knowing and breathing the key core business philosophy of AZL, it’s my goal to ensure that the team and I are all motivated to be delivering a high standard level of service through hard work, dedication and creating an environment where individuals want to join and represent our brand. Working closely with the MD our vision is to grow the business not only from the vehicle sector section, but also in the luxury concierge providing as well as private jet chartering. Client retention is key and there are reasons why certain clients call us over and over again when they need certain services, give us a call today and allow me to show you the AZL way!